Jala therapies of jesmond - A purpose built treatment room located in jesmond pool. Offering a wide variety of Eastern treatments, massage therapies and sports injury treatments. Using the finest quality products from Therapy Lab.
Baby massage

Michelle runs baby massage courses at Jesmond pool.

The course is 5 weeks long, with the aim being for you and baby to share a wonderful bonding experience whilst learning a valuable skill which can enable you to ease the pains and discomforts of wind, colic, constipation and soothe a fractious baby.
Each session is one hour during which time we focus on a different area of the body each week and build up a full body routine by the end of the 5 weeks.

The sessions are on Wednesday's 11am - 12

The course costs £43 and includes print out prompt cards and a bottle of oil to keep.

See the pinboard for next start date.

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